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Access Summary Gives a summary table over all accesses that were ever logged:

Résumé par mois
MoisMoyenne quotidienneTotaux mensuels
2021-0293187517931875171.3 MB
2021-031162391203598724281860550.7 MB
2021-041212199213643611298163443.5 MB
2021-0513020103204019632319562645.4 MB
2021-0613219110203946577329759641.5 MB
2021-071011978163118597242548740.1 MB
2021-081311985194049568263759237.7 MB
2021-09234212084470196386235133049.3 MB
2021-10496194741191539058114707370257.2 MB
2021-11662276131241985281718394372883.2 MB
2021-1251147345114734179.7 KB

Get the summary as a line graph:

Limit the graph to a time intervall:

Month Overview Give detailed summary table on the accesses during a month.

Statistiques mensuelles pour 2021-12
Total clics48
Total fichiers1
Total pages47
Total visiteurs34
Total octets95.6 KB
Clics par heure25.535
Clics par jour5151
Fichiers par jour11
Pages par jour4747
Octets par jour179.7 KB179.7 KB
Clics par code statut
Status - 3
Status 200 - Requête traitée avec succès48

Limit the table to a specific month:

Statistiques mensuelles pour 2011-10
Total clics0
Total fichiers0
Total pages0
Total visiteurs0
Total octets0 B
Clics par heure00
Clics par jour00
Fichiers par jour00
Pages par jour00
Octets par jour0 B0 B
Clics par code statut

Daily Accesses Show the accesses of each day in the current month:

Statistiques quotidiennes pour 2021-12
0151100.00%1100.00%47100.00%34100.00%179.7 KB100.00%

Show the daily accesses as graph:

Hourly Accesses Show how accesses were spread over the different times of the day during the month:

Statistiques horaires pour 2021-12
03568.63%00.00%3574.47%2676.47%69 KB38.41%
11631.37%1100.00%1225.53%823.53%110.7 KB61.59%

Graph of a particular month by hour:

Top Referrers Show where people came from this month:

Top Référents sur 2021-12

Top Entry-Pages Show on which pages users arrived first this month:

Top Pages d'entrée sur 2021-12

Top URLs Show the most popular pages in your site this month:

Top Pages sur 2021-12

Top Browsers Show the most used browsers this month:

Top Navigateurs sur 2021-12
1Chrome 661531.91%
2Chrome 65510.64%
3Chrome 5448.51%
4Firefox 5948.51%
5Firefox 6036.38%
6Chrome 5536.38%
7Chrome 6324.26%
8Chrome 6724.26%
9Chrome 9612.13%
10Chrome 5812.13%
11Firefox 6112.13%
12Firefox 5212.13%
13Mozilla 512.13%
14Chrome 6412.13%
15Firefox 5612.13%
16Firefox 3812.13%
17Safari 412.13%

Traffic by User This is a bit more special. It lists the authenticated users that created the most traffic on your site during the last 7 days:

Trafic utilisateur sur 7 jours
1stantonmackey546.9 KB5.38%
2alvapound95324.3 KB3.19%
3arlenhorning010286.2 KB2.81%
4brodiejulius553235.3 KB2.31%
5lillypierson84197.1 KB1.94%
6armandosowell2184.4 KB1.81%
7carinamcclellan178.1 KB1.75%
8lakeshacamp5171.7 KB1.69%
9alfonzobenjamin163.9 KB1.61%
10mabelmccourt159 KB1.56%
11vitotucker960152.6 KB1.50%
12roderickhartmann152.4 KB1.50%
13crystalnickle146.3 KB1.44%
14melvagooding41146.3 KB1.44%
15damienrae6139.9 KB1.38%
16charolettemears127.2 KB1.25%
17bzwjacinto127.2 KB1.25%
18justintracey50120.8 KB1.19%
19betseybuteau11120.8 KB1.19%
20leondawe78570118 KB1.16%
21chaustabile108.1 KB1.06%
22lucienneleedom3108.1 KB1.06%
23elvinmarcell672108.1 KB1.06%
24avisdortch54174101.8 KB1.00%
25jbo88srrov89 KB0.88%
26rollandhenslowe86.8 KB0.85%
27glendahodgkinson82.7 KB0.81%
28rudolfrafferty81.9 KB0.81%
29randalsegal80765.5 KB0.64%
30haleyvigano63.6 KB0.63%

To show the top 10 users as a graph use this. The workday average is shown as a red line.

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