The goal of NSBase is to give a real free alternative to MSAccess from Microsoft, especially for building standalone applications. MSAccess does not allow this directly. With NSBase, building a standalone application without an installation kit can be done in a few clicks and without programming knowledge.

It uses concepts similar to MSAcess, integrated visual editors, assistants and scripting in LUA. Its superiority => cross-platform: Windows 32 and 64 bit, Linux and MAC OSX (if I get a machine)

The 3 essential software bricks used are : 

  1. The database
  2. The user code
  3. The heart of NSBase

The database :

SQLITE: It is a lightweight database, always maintained since 2000. the default integrated database format for storing all data and design in a single file that can be easily published on the Internet. You can also separate the data from the design. NSBase could have several types of databases over time.

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Since V1.5.0, NSBase can use: Firefird, Interbase, MariaDB, Mysql, Postgresql, Sybase

The user code :

It uses the LUA language, a very secure language, created in 1993, still maintained. It is widely used, especially in video games. Paradoxically, it is not very well known in France, because it is mainly integrated into software.

Compact, lightweight, flexible, Lua is an extremely powerful and fast scripting language, ten to thirty times faster than other languages such as, VB, JAVA, Python, Ruby or PHP.

Its strength: its small size, its portability and its strong interfacing with NSBase.

It has a syntax inspired by pascal, vb and c.

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The Heart of NSBase:

It is written in LAZARUS, DELPHI clone in opensource: it is multi-platform and in strong evolution

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